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February 18th, 2013, 02:25
Ah thanks, I've been looking for impressions of Impire.

I'm trying to play through Baldur's Gate 2. I played Shadows of Amn back when it came out but never got the Throne of Baal expansion.

Honestly, it's been rough going. I'm not so sure I should have put that resolution patch in there to play at 1080p - the text and characters are so small I'm leaning forward to see. I'm having to learn what spells are good and what spells are pointless all over again, too. The old D&D magic system seems so silly now with the way you have to camp out right in the middle of a dungeon to get your spells (and thus hit points) back. And that quest journal… eeesh!

It's been long enough that I've pretty much forgotten all the stories and those have been pretty good but I'm not so sure they will be good enough to keep me going the whole way through.

I'm also playing some Endless Space again. They've done a lot to improve the game but now there are some bugs in the save/load system making a major pain of themselves.
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