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February 18th, 2013, 03:25
I have brought this up in several threads. This will work somewhat like our annual NHL playoffs pool.

Please select when you believe Grimoire will be released. Never is not a choice. Robert Jordan died and Wheel of Time got finished did it not? That was only a 13.5 1000 page books chronicling a 2 year period and it only took 23 years to finish.

When you make your selection please post your choice and your (fake) bet.

Selecting the correct year will return 4/5 your (fake) bet.

You must also select the month and that will (fake) pay 100:1.

You may not select a month that has already been chosen.

Selecting the correct day will (fake) net 5000:1

If you wish to make any prop bets please do so. The (fake) house will (fake) pay 2:1.

Two prop bet examples can include release date for super demo and public demo.

Never is not an option. The (fake) house will remove and add years accordingly.
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