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February 18th, 2013, 03:46
Originally Posted by sakichop View Post
$1800 for a pc with only a gtx660 in it is too expensive imo. Also, you recommenced a 2011 motherboard for a 1155 proc.

Anyway I think he wants a prebuilt, but I could be wrong. Fluent can correct me if i'm wrong.
Yeah I added the wrong motherboard and $1800 for any PC is too much, however since the most likely item to be swapped out in two years time is the video card it actually makes less sense to spend much more money on that than it does on some other components. As far as bang for your buck goes I'd suggest generally spending the difference between a GTX 660 and 670 on a faster CPU instead and considering upgrading the video card at the end of two years.

Originally Posted by sakichop View Post
Lastly I'd go with windows 8. I'm sure many will disagree but win 7 won't be getting supported and you'll need to move up eventually. 8's not that bad and with a few tweaks you can forget about metro altogether.
It won't be getting supported… after 2020 and mainstream support will continue into 2015 at least. Also if its going to be purchased relatively soon, I'd check game compatibility for windows 8 particularly if the user also has several retro games. If they do then it would make more sense to purchase windows 7 now and an upgrade license (which does not require you perform an upgrade installation as opposed to a clean installation) either now or at a later date. This would be especially advisable to consider if purchasing a pre-built PC through a manufacturer which offers discounted windows 8 upgrade licenses to users purchasing new windows 7 pcs (I've seen it for as little as $14.99 as an uninstalled extra.)
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