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February 18th, 2013, 12:06
Originally Posted by darkling View Post
First up, you don't need two video cards in SLI to run things at 1080p. I run things just fine at 1080p and have a 200 dollar mid-range gaming card
Correct. The 200$ mid-range cards are similar (or even faster) than the top notebook cards. Of course you can go higher, but beware of noise … unless helicopter sims are your preferred genre.

SLI = trouble! Avoid it. Buy a single chip solution.

Second, $2000 could provide you with 3 good PC's or 2 great ones.
Agreed too, if you stay reasonable. Nobody needs a 300$ mainboard. Except for the very knowledgable guys at HardOCP. (I used to be there quite a lot years ago. These guys know their stuff.) A 100-150$ mainboard is just as fast.

Get an Intel i5 or i7 processor (200 vs 300), a Nvidia 660 or 660 Ti (200 vs 300), 8 or 16 GB of ram, a motherboard and a case+PSU and you'll be set.
Yup. There may be one or two games which push this to the limit, but most games can be played at max.
It is very unlikely you'll need a sound card at all. This isn't 15 years ago. Unless you find your sound options lacking from your motherboard, you shouldn't bother. It's totally a wait and see thing. Check review sites to see what you're getting.
Mainboard sound chips are absolutely okay nowadays. The only reason to buy a real sound card is if you have a surround receiver and a decent speaker set nearby. And I'm not talking about the stuff you get in a 250$ bundle with a BD-Player. If you would lose quality somewhere along the way, stick to the onboard sound. It supports surround too.

There are even more options. You could make hell of a digital TV recorder out of your PC, for example. All you need is a way to get the signal in and back out again. Simple recording capacity can be added for 50 bucks.
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