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February 18th, 2013, 16:14
Originally Posted by anne.monkkonen View Post
First of all, glad to hear you've enjoyed playing with your wife! We've been hoping Driftmoon could become the sort of a game that could also be enjoyed together with a friend.

The difficulty levels in Driftmoon do have various differences. We've wanted to keep the two first levels very easy to approach, so that also people not quite familiar with RPGs could enjoy the adventure. In the easy and default settings, Driftmoon is definitely not combat-heavy, and we've wanted to keep it that way. For the same reason, the combat is also very simple in the beginning, but it gets much more complex later on in the game. Still, on the easy (and maybe default) setting, even the novice players should be able to get through the combat situations, without necessarily realizing the best strategies.

The most notable difference with the easier and the higher difficulty levels is that you encounter bigger numbers of more challenging opponents, and in formations that will require you to use some of the more advanced strategies available. That also has a direct influence to how many levels you can gain during the demo. There are also other differences: To put it generally, gaining resources, and keeping your health up is clearly more difficult.
This is good to know. I need to replay it one more time at a higher difficulty to see if it gets a little more interesting. I play mages nearly 100% of the time, so the lack of spells, outside of bless, was a major downer. Do spells ever come into play?
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