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February 18th, 2013, 19:40
Indie-O-Rama interviewed Dejan Radisic of Stygian Software on Underrail. Just in case your Spanish is a bit rusty, IndieStatik is offering an English translation of that interview.
Indie-o-rama: Letís talk about the elephant in the room. Itís obvious that Underrail was heavily influenced by Fallout, among other post-apocalyptic games. As we all know, Bethesda decided to go a different route with Fallout 3 or, as itís commonly known, ďOblivion with gunsĒ. That meant some fans were left craving for a game with the style and gameplay of the original. How much of a compromise has been met in order to acknowledge that influence, while at the same time staying true to your own ideas and concepts? Are the fans that approach Underrail expecting another Fallout, or would you rather prefer that they play the game without such prejudices?
Dejan Radisic: Well, Iím not so sure about the Fallout release timeline, but I think I started the development of Underrail even before Fallout 3 was released. Or at least I started working on the engine with the intention to build this kind of a game.
So back then there wasnít, or at least I was not aware of, this craze with the fans that wanted the old Fallout back. And it certainly all started before this Wasteland sequel thing and all that. The game obviously draws some inspiration from Fallout, such as the mood, environments, some weapons, etc, but it wasnít ever meant to be the new ďrealĒ Fallout. I donít have a problem with people considering it that, though, and I believe that those who come to this game with such expectations wonít be disappointed and will find some of the old Fallout elements that are missing in the newer games. So in short, I do not mind it, but Iím also happy when people point out design differences and acknowledge the game as being itís own thing.
More information.
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