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February 18th, 2013, 20:44
Originally Posted by akarthis View Post
I don't like the idea of Rick going crazy, again, too. He lost it in the past, then he becomes sane again, so he can raid the camp, and the lose it again.

And he lost what? His wife. Like the others lost nothing. The one female, lost her child, no, they shot her zombie child in front of her, but she is cool. She has Rick!

I lost my patience with the whole second season. I liked the first one of the third. Let's hope they manage to keep it that way.
Well, there's a difference - because he's the leader of the group and everyone is expecting him to solve all the problems.

He's had to kill his best friend - and he can't really trust anyone. He's the one making the decisions to turn all the new people away.

It's only natural that he's starting to crack under such pressure.

But I do agree that it's a bit far fetched how he's been acting completely normal for a while - and then going psychotic again.

Anyway, this last episode was not that bad. Even though the battle was a bit ridiculous. Everyone arriving on the scene at the same time? Just another example of the extremely stupid coincidences.

Zombie takeover? Then they just leave without knowing the outcome? That's just extra stupid.

Oh well.




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