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February 18th, 2013, 20:54
Babelfish returned a load of gibberish so i tried Bing instead..


it makes more sense now…

In the gaming landscape, Kickstarter has now as fixed size & foot s established; But by the nature of things - supported games, which then usually at the very least a year need to be - developed can be did not assess whether the hype platform also leads to titles values of games. Not a single VIP project has so far appeared (Giana sisters was, as required, at the start of the campaign already largely completed). And the example code hero seems to be only the first known of several projects in the pitching. Because when the money comes from a project financed by Kickstarter, is just no publisher in the background that is ready in case of an emergency, another money zuzuschie & white; en (which he repeated then later Yes). Then nothing is in doubt, and the dollars paid by thousands of game fans a hastily carved out, disappointing game - or in the worst case lead to nothing at all. The last few months, the not particularly interesting small projects to increase mass seems to us also.

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