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February 18th, 2013, 20:28
Bought & installed both

- Haunted
- Angry Birds Star Wars

because their prices were reduced.

"Haunted" has a long story. It was developed by the Ankh Trilogy makers, and it was to be published by HMH Interactive. I saw them and this game in their booth at the Games Com in … 2009 ? (No demo, back then.)

HMH went into insolvency, JoWood bought the publishing rights of Haunted.

I played the demo of Haunted at the booth of JoWood in … 2010 ? Hm, yes, I think it was 2010 or 2011.

However, JoWood went bancrupt, and dtp bought the publishing rights of Haunted.
I saw the game at the booth of dtp in … 2011, I think it was.

dtp went into insolvency, but still exists today. And they indeed finally published this game, at last.

I don't think that HMH Interactive survived, but I don't have any information about their fate, either.

But, well, after all these years, I'm finally ready to play this game !
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