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February 19th, 2013, 16:03
My Elmore Leonard marathon continues with completion of Out of Sight. It was a good one of those I've read thus far (Glitz, Pronto). This one was also a little more violent. If that's why I enjoyed it more, what does that say about me?

My only complaint, and this has been a theme for all three: the resolution following each book's climax (which for this title was excellent) is too rushed and everything gets wrapped up very quickly— as in a few pages. Maybe that's a testament to how much I have been enjoying his work, that I want more before the book ends.

Nevertheless, it was better than the film, which I enjoyed as well. Going to take a break from Mr. Leonard (he lives not far from me in swanky Bloomfield Hills, MI) for now lest all the books blur together. I will probably resume with the sequel to this one: Road Dogs after I read World Made Straight by Ron Rash, likely followed by a reread of The Hobbit.
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