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February 19th, 2013, 22:20
so pretty much par for the course. apparently no one else has played the multi? which as i said is the games redeeming quality and with that its caveats about longevity. i'm pretty sure as far as standards go, doing whatever you whatever you want without the thought for others (ie pirates) is scraping the barrell and about as cro-mag as the characters and writing in the single player of the game. fitting i guess. and games are for fun anyway for the most part, and most devs at least get this even though they could do much better in most cases.

ultimately it speaks droves about a person who can spend hours/days posting about topics but can't spend the fraction of time parsing the information legally available to make an informed purchase. but such is life these days where people think the world is a one way street.

overall though i hate scores and would give the game a C with its multi maybe a B- and the single a D+. again not a great game, but i'm not sure worthy of the hyperbolic shitfest label.
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