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February 19th, 2013, 23:09
Originally Posted by SpoonFULL View Post
Exactly; not supporting piracy but GBX were very quiet about the game details and there was no way to make sure that the game is worth the investment. So in a way they have asked for it.
Truth be told, I was very close to pre-ordering it - simply because I'm such a huge Aliens fan. But I've learned to be patient.

I don't even like shooters much - but I can enjoy them under certain circumstances. I loved AvP2 - and I actually really liked AvP from 2010. I fully expected this would be better than the latter.

Piracy is just a word - and as with all words, they depend on context.

If people steal something that has actual value to them - then it can be in poor taste, but even then there can be valid reasons.

As for using piracy as a test to establish value - I think that's a completely legitimate approach. But that's me, and I can appreciate that some people get stuck on the concept of piracy and don't think beyond that.

I am sure some people might have had some fun with it (or maybe its an inside voice to comfort the loss of hard earned cash over a failed game!), but as you said, the difficult truth is that this game is a failure. Maybe with Borderlands repuation people were expecting an AAA product, coupled with the fact that the game has been in developement for so many years at the expense of a more promising rpb by Obsidian lead to a shock with a less than a medicore product.
Sure, I can believe that. You can find value in most things - if you look hard enough.

But considering the hype and the endless promises about a true sequel to Aliens with fantastic visuals and gameplay - this is a MAJOR disappointment and one of the worst examples of outright deceitful and false marketing I've seen in my 30 years of gaming.




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