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February 21st, 2013, 00:14
I think greensteel items are great regardless of level. One reason is the possibility to customize what you need.

E. g. a 45 hp item with heavy fortification ++ or a concordant opposition item to give you hp and mana back if you're hit.

The GS weapons are also good because you can add abilities you need on them (good / holy, metalline, acid, cold, disruptor etc.). Epic weapons are, however, usually better than the GS weapons. One reason is that GS weapons have a die modifier of 1.5 while epic weapons have a 2.0 modifier (raid items 2.5 modifier).

I think the main reason to do greensteel items is not their great use at level 20+, but when you TR. GS items can be used at level 11 and GS weapons at level 12. You will love having your GS items available in the reincarnation cache waiting for you at level 11 / 12. It makes a huge difference if performance. Try to add your 45 hp/ heavy fort goggles and lit II weapon(s). Those updates alone change you from a good toon to a great toon at levels from 11-12 leading up to 20.

I still use my GS hp and conc opp items at level 25. I don't use my GS weapons except in certain situations.
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