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February 21st, 2013, 04:09
I recommend getting the Vale quests because they give good XP and you eventually get flagged for the Shroud. It's a fun raid to run. Getting GS items is a good way for people to get good loot without having to be lucky on raid loot (like the sword of shadows in Vault of Night 6). What I like about greensteel is that you always get some materials you can use to craft your own item. You craft the abilities YOU want to add to the item and that means you end up with something useful.

To do the crafting you need the mats (small, medium and large) plus shards of power (regular, greater and supreme). A good thing about mats is that they're not bound and you always get some. Other guildies have spare ones as well. Shards are bound to character, but often people put shards up for roll so you should be able to get the shards you need after a few runs.

If you run Shroud 20 times you should be ensured having enough mats to make a tier 3 GS item of your choice. Running e. g. Vault of Night 5-6 20 times doesn't ensure you get the epic Sword of Shadows. You might not even get the regular version and certainly not the scroll, seal and shard you need too.

So going for greensteel items is probably the easiest way to get something really useful.

It's not so hard to get epic items in Eveningstar with commendations. So that is probably the alternative method to get decent gear. Just pick up enough commendations by doing quests and kill rares in the wilderness areas.
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