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February 21st, 2013, 18:28
Originally Posted by talesfromthecrypt View Post
Maybe You guys could finally cut the butthurt out of your grimoire news posts and reserve your cynical tone for cases where it is actually warranted,
I think I have a right to be cynical about the new post, thank very much. Reasons why: 1. This isn't his first crowdfunding attempt it's the second. 2. The crowdfunding isn't to fund the game, it's to give him the desire to actually finish. 3. The ten thousand he got from the last crowdfunding attempt apparently isn't enough to make him want to finish the game. 4. Since he's using Indie Gogo, he keeps all the money even if it doesn't hit goal. He kept every single dime from the first attempt.

I get Cleve is trying to make a point here. It's a parody of all the other bad kickstarters. But it's parody where he gets to pocket the money, regardless of the outcome. Plus it's like the Penny Arcade kickstarter all over again. Is is really much of a joke when you are embracing the very principle you are trying to satire?

This thread isn't about the game, or the demo release. We already have those. This about Grimoire being funded on Indiegogo. Again.

While I do think people in here are being a bit too personal in this thread, at the same time I can't blame people being cynical about this particular issue.
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