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February 21st, 2013, 20:06
Ok, a few things. First

"All the internet stuff and social media crap no one needs is supported."

Please stop with attempts to be world-weary and/or humorous. It makes you sound like a teenager. Being able to easily and seamlessly play with your friends is incredibly important, and something that Sony has done poorly so far.

" Eight core processor, that should answer a lot of questions here about topics like AI etc No more excuses like console single core limits what can be done. "

No one takes advantage of all those processors because multi-threaded processing is astoundingly hard to get right. I'm very curious as to what they think they'll be doing with all those cores. On your PC, they're what keeps Steam and Itunes and the OS and everything else running in the background and not interfering with your game's FPS. I guess since they're going for a PC type architecture, maybe they'll have those demands now on the PS4.
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