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February 21st, 2013, 21:30
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3. That's simply not true. Cleve has stated multiple times that he is determined to finish the game and fullfill all pledges, no matter whether the funding goal is reached or not. When he started his first campaign, Cleve gave his guarantee to all backers that he will deliver the game, the second campaign is just to earn some extra funds and has no influence on whether the game will be finished.

4. So what? The man guaranteed that the game will be finished and that all pledgers will receive their pledge rewards, no matter whether he reaches the funding goal or not. So of what importance is it to you whether he gets 250 or 10k out of his campaign?

In contrast, Grimoire is almost finished, has a working demo, a beta scheduled for release soon and a guarantee from its maker that he will finish the game no matter how much money he raises. So uh…care to explain how that is worse than any other kickstarter project?
Are you living on Earth? Cleve has "stated" a lot of things throughout the years. How many times have these things been lies? His word is not worth shit. That is the point.

As for the "working" demo, the use of the term "working" is a bit of an overstatement. If I release some code that I claim works flawlessly, and people have massive issues with it, then what effect do you think that has on trust? It's all about trust. If I don't earn your trust, then I can't expect you to back my campaign. The burden of proof is on him to prove that he is trustworthy. How trustworthy has he been thus far? End of story.
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