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February 21st, 2013, 22:47
Originally Posted by gozioso View Post
Well, Charles, if he is such a beloved internet persona, then why is he only posting on the Codex? No Grimoire interview circuit? Maybe…just maybe, he is reviled on all other gaming forums? Driven out with torches and pitchforks? That cesspool known as the Codex is the only place that will tolerate him (other than StormFront, perhaps).

Your attempts to defend him are comical. He brought this on himself. Karma is a bitch.
With all the histrionics, delays, marketing blunders and general nonsense it's easy to give this game a miss, but underneath the compatibility problems and stuff it actually shows the inklings of a good game with a lot of depth (and I do believe it might have 200+ maps!?), good writing… Have had more fun playing the demo for the last few days than with many other more mainstream released offerings. If the author wants to conduct a negative marketing campaign, fight the OS he intends to release on and generally shoot himself in the foot there isn't a lot that can be done about it. Maybe though things will work out. In any case it's an interesting try.
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