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February 22nd, 2013, 10:01
Originally Posted by Corwin View Post
Remember one other thing. Several people here at the Watch were beta testers for Cleve. I've finished the game twice, been to his bunker and interviewed him personally, supported him over several years on this and our previous site, and my reward was to be publicly attacked and insulted by him on this site. That is NOT the way to build a customer base for your game. It shows a complete lack of any professionalism IMO. Despite that, I have never attacked either him, or the game, which I think is excellent. I just choose to no longer have any part of this; once bitten, twice shy!!
To be fair, that incident took place in Politics & Religion, IIRC? Things that happen there have little to do with the professional relationship between a developer and a games journalist, IMHO. We all venture there at our own risk. That said, Cleve is Cleve and there are plenty of other examples of his, err.., special way to interact with his potential customers.

As for me, I'll wait for a full release before taking a longer look at the demo (fixing problems with win 7 64 would also be helpful) - A demo was already released many years ago after all, and hasn't brought the game any closer to realease back then. The brief look I had convinced me that there is a very complex old school RPG there, that there is good writing, and that I could live with the state of art and sound in the game. But it also showed that it still has severe compatibility problems that need to be resolved.
Normally that might be enough for me to support an indie dev and pledge. But for me at least, seeing the full game released is an absolute minimum requirement for considering a purchase (or pledge) in this specific case.
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