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February 22nd, 2013, 11:16
Originally Posted by talesfromthecrypt View Post
2. The crowdfunding campaign is to (a) give Cleve at least a little recompansation for all the money he has put into the game over the years
That's what you sell your product for.

While I like the general idea of this game I'm mostly (apart from the technical problems) concerned about balance. After all, that's key for replayability. With god knows how many stats and skills in a huge game, I doubt that Cleve got it all right (also considering bugs/ glitches in nearly every aspect of the mechanics). Look at the trouble modern companies like Obsidian go to to ensure balance in their products, and add to that that Cleve probably doesn't have a horde of beta testers, I think this game will mostly be an unbalanced mess, and I doubt that it has great storytelling to make up for that. So no $100 from me Cleve, sorry, though I might pick it up at a bargain price just for shits and giggles.




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