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February 22nd, 2013, 17:07
Klubbir is a garbage toon, Peter—I wanted to dabble with warforged and I wanted to see what Phuury missed by not building to rage (for the record, neither has impressed me much). I really wouldn't make plans around her. It's going to take a lot of running to get her eligible for Eveningstar anyway—while she's just a bit shy of lvl18 now, she hasn't done many high level quests, including needing the entire bridge series (Webspinner, or whatever it's actually called). I wouldn't mind getting her thru the Vale/Shroud some day so she can build a GS item or two, but even that isn't really a big deal. For that matter, if Klubbir did get to lvl20, I'd probably jump her to the top of my TR list just to get out of her current build since I've got no driving need to escape Bot and Phuury.

I've got Bot and Phuury both at 23 and I'll only be TRing one of them so the other will be available for epic stuff. That might entail repeating quests with them, but I don't really care about that. As I've said before, the whole epic destiny thing has yet to excite me, so I don't have any specific goals/plans for those toons. For now, their purpose in life is to help other guildies that DO have epic goals/plans (and the occasional bit of Shroud farming).

I don't really care what we choose to run tonight. If enough folks need Shroud flags, I wouldn't mind pushing Klubbir thru. If it's just me needing that, I'd prefer not to drag everyone else thru it and I'm perfectly fine with getting a good taste of epic GH on either Bot or Phuury (depending on what the party needs).
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