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February 23rd, 2013, 07:33
It's a trippy game, definitely unique. It's kind of a defense in a way, it has those elements like Orcs Must Die w/ it's traps. You have attacking wolves, werewolves, and other such nasties which you must delay, harm, and outright kill w/ various traps. The waves hit, and the combined force of your trap layout and your melee/rifle weapons stops the enemy in their tracks. You set this all up during the day, then "go to night" and youre in 3rd person mode, outside and awaiting the coming mobs. I have to say that the animations for the wolves are pretty convincing. They really did a good job modeling their movement and reactions. There's a "fear" mechanic that plays into when they attack, which is a nice little strategic touch.

Meanwhile, you have some RPG leveling-up mechanics on your guy w/ a tech tree, and various abilities you throw on your hotbar. There's loot, and better weapons and stuff. You progress and get more traps, and you have a town which has various merchants and services. And characters in the story as well, there's a church (w/ it's priest) that's a big part of the story. The story and cutscenes are totally strange but fitting. The graphics are slightly cartoonish, but not too exagerrated.

I've been playing a lot of different titles lately, this one definitely sticks out.
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