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February 23rd, 2013, 14:42
…isn't all this 'Huh, no wonder Cleve's being worshipped on the CODEX, how typical of them, they're not like us smarter-than-your-average bears who post here' stuff more than a little one-eyed, given that the man has shuttlecocked back and forth between both forums over the years, hanging out at one community for a couple of months before taking umbrage at something or other someone said about him or his game and then leaving again with a dramatic and deeply inaccurate vow never to return?

I mean, let's face it, somewhere out there there is a parallel universe almost exactly identical to ours where, at some point in the past decade, one vaguely critical forum-post was made or not made, and now Cleve is proudly holding court amongst his various disciples in the RPGWatch Grimoire MegaThread.

I suppose what I'm saying is; you may scoff and mock and enjoy your sense of internet-tribalist superiority now, folks, but soon enough fortune's wheel will turn again. And then you can have him back.
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