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February 23rd, 2013, 18:43
Originally Posted by Charles-cgr View Post
Same position as mine.
Brilliant position, Charles. It is a very rational response to criticism for someone to call all of us:

(1) Trailer trash…
(2) Who live with our phone sex operator mothers…
(3) Who weep at the very prospect of our forlorn employment in various fast food establishments

Very mature, right?

Originally Posted by MaskedGumball View Post
…isn't all this 'Huh, no wonder Cleve's being worshipped on the CODEX, how typical of them, they're not like us smarter-than-your-average bears who post here' stuff more than a little one-eyed, given that the man has shuttlecocked back and forth between both forums over the years, hanging out at one community for a couple of months before taking umbrage at something or other someone said about him or his game and then leaving again with a dramatic and deeply inaccurate vow never to return?

I mean, let's face it, somewhere out there there is a parallel universe almost exactly identical to ours where, at some point in the past decade, one vaguely critical forum-post was made or not made, and now Cleve is proudly holding court amongst his various disciples in the RPGWatch Grimoire MegaThread.

I suppose what I'm saying is; you may scoff and mock and enjoy your sense of internet-tribalist superiority now, folks, but soon enough fortune's wheel will turn again. And then you can have him back.
That's pretty funny!!!

In our defense, though, we do generally drive him off pretty quickly. The Codex seems to be pretty happy playing with him for the past 6 months. They can keep him indefinitely. Unless the mods here ban his account, what can we do to prevent his return?

Wait…maybe we can get him to say his name backwards…

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