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February 23rd, 2013, 23:55
Originally Posted by fadedc View Post
Well unfortunately being "nuts" may help with entertaining and crazy writing, but it's a very bad thing when it comes to writing computer programs. People who are delusional or who have similar disorders also tend to have severely disordered thinking, which is the sort of thing that can severely get in the way when your trying to write complex code or plan out a detailed project. Sadly it usually gets worse and worse with age.
I can tell how sad you are.

Ad hominem and psychoanalysis of those who disagree with us puts us in good company - the Soviet Union used it to manage all dissent. It's passive-aggressive behavior pretending to be concern and it is often connected to latent homosexuality. But I am sure somebody as versed in psychology as you already knew that.
… and you thought it would never be finished!
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