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February 24th, 2013, 11:17
Frankly these criticisms and ad hominems are thoroughly dull, whatever the rights and wrongs, they don't achieve anything and are likely to be detrimental to the development and marketing of the game, which deserves a fair chance to speak for itself. There is a politics and religion section on this forum, that is a better place for slinging mud, You Tube style, about non RPG issues, I would have thought. So whatever, the past history, can we now call it quits and let the game stand or fall on its own merits?

WRT the compatibility bugs on Win7/Vista: It appears to be possible for most people, at least on Win7 to get the game running in XP compatibility mode with just a single game breaking glitch (the mouse goes haywire in the character screen). Whilst in native mode the crash is quite replicable on my setup (happens every second combat). Those things indicate that there isn't anything too fundamentally wrong (such as a completely flawed threading model), although, of course, it can be incredibly frustrating tracking down these bugs and they sometimes result from the last thing one would imagine.
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