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February 24th, 2013, 21:02
After reading a few reddit posts about Morrowind, I decided to head back to my entry point into the series. Since exploration is the best thing about the game, I created a highly focused explorer character. So light armor for easy movement, a spear as a stronger walking stick (and to keep things at a safe distance), Alteration for movement spells, and a few other skills to help with movement and solo survival.

With the new Morrowind Overhaul, some mods to increase movement speed and magicka regen, it's a bit faster paced, and now I'm off on my sightseeing tour.

My destination is the towers just visible in front of the sun.

Getting a bit closer.

Here we are. Not visible, two more cliff racers.

I've never actually seen that the observatory has an external part.

The road to Caldera.

Pelagiad. It's like a little slice of High Rock.

Heading into Suran after a pilgrimage.
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