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February 24th, 2013, 23:17
As for the role playing issue, I am always roleplaying myself. HOWEVER, I am roleplaying different versions of myself. Who hasn't gone to a Star Wars movie and imagined themselves as a Jedi? Or Bond? Or Indiana Jones? Heck, even as an anti-hero? Those people aren't who we are in real life, but more idealised versions of ourselves in various contexts.
This is pretty much how I look at it. I seldom role play a character totally different then myself (although I know that can be a good learning experience). I tend to play myself in different context and usually a more idealized version of myself - the person I would like to be - a hero, an expert at something, or just a guy out having an adventure. The closest I get to playing something very different is if I toy with some darker aspects - like a more brutal fighter - although never evil as I simply don't enjoy it.

As for gender in the game … I am the odd one out (as I can see in the polls). Since I prefer to play as myself I pretty much play male only. I tried a few times to play as a women and just didn't enjoy. So why play a game if you are not enjoying it?

I also tend to play more sandbox style games, or at least RPG's with that minimal amount of choice, so have never really played any game where my sex was limited. Even in Mass Effect you at least have that much choice.
Character is centrality, the impossibility of being displaced or overset. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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