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February 26th, 2013, 10:29
Guess I have to reaload or use a cheat and wake up the cleric.

I started with 4 characters, not trying for the optimal powergaming setup but RP in my head. Paladin, Bard (war chant of sith is very nice), fighter dualed to cleric at lvl 5 and a half elf fighter/thief.
Then Came a ranger that I dualed at lvl 13 (well that was smart.., wont gain back his abilities ever..)
And then I had all this loot to carry so a fighter dualed to mage at lvl 7..

Im just to greedy when it comes to the loot, If I cant carry it, I sometimes make up an excuse that i "need" another one in the group..

Is there an obsessive hoarding disorder in CRPG?, OHD?

I collect all this potions that I never use, my fighters keep an abundance of weapons because, you know "they might come in handy.."

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