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February 26th, 2013, 19:11
playing Impire, so far liking it but keep falling asleep before i get too into it. I dont know if thats the game's fault, or due to the fact i'm starting playing at around 9pm with a glass of red wine. It's been pretty fun so far i guess, one has to play this game without expecting a dk knockoff first and foremost, it has to be taken for what it is: a real time dungeon-themed strategy game. It isnt a dungeon sim, it isnt a dungeon builder. You will not freely construct the underground lair of your dreams in Impire. It's a dungeon-themed rts, with one hero unit that has rpg-style traits and ability progression.
If you play it with that in mind, it's a fairly fun game - that said, im only on the 3rd level (including the first tutorial level) so i cant form too firm an opinion yet.

It definitely has some annoyances: one chest will contain nothing of consequence, the next a powerful enough enemy to wipe out your entire army, with no prior warning. Although there is an entrance to your dungeon, heroes can spawn pretty much anywhere by dropping ladders from above. This throws a curve ball at any kind of trap layout you may plan on using.

The graphics are really good though, I'm enjoying the animations on the rooms, creatures, and heroes, they are excellent
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