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February 26th, 2013, 22:53
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I played the demo; and while I thought it was very well done - i kind of felt it was targeted at young-mid teenager (12-15); i.e, I didn't think it was quite adult enough for myself. Question is does the full game retain this feeling or does it become a bit more sophisticated as it progress ? (when I talk about age range I'm not really talking about subject matter or violence level but the general 'feeling' or presentation of the game)
I'm beyond the demo, but still think the game is aimed at young players. I keep feeling that the developers must have some young kids that they built the game for and decided to release to everyone else to see if it would earn a little money. Nothing wrong with that, but the game needs some serious maturing and fleshing out to be a real crpg. Hopefully some modders will make a more serious game with the engine. That's the best hope, honestly.

Edit: Nope that sounds harsh. This is a decent first attempt. It is not mature and it is not dark. It is simple in many ways but is probably worth the asking price, especially if you're in Europe. The US conversion ratio makes it slightly overpriced here in the States.
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