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February 27th, 2013, 14:47
The level15 start is such a waste. You're skipping past 80% of the content of the game. For what? If all you're looking for is level20 (or level25), 99% of the people that will have the iconic hero thing will already have capped toons to play and they're much less likely to start a first lifer than TR. Sounds to me like (as I've mentioned before when Vet2 came out) Turbine has determined that they make the most money from capped players so they're fast-tracking everyone to that point. It's more efficient to sell TR hearts than to create new content.

As for the reduction in TRs, I figure that you've got a significant portion of players doing the same thing as Peter- grinding epic destinies. Once they accomplish that, they'll be right back into the TR cycle. Based on Peter's progress, it takes a buttload of grind to open everything and get ranks in the "good ones". I don't see the TR system being broken so much as temporarily delayed.
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