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Wink I'm actually a fan of Dwarven Boobies, butů

February 28th, 2013, 18:48
This seems like a lot of stirring the pot because Vincke's afraid no one is watching.

The envelope on hyper-sexualization of video game characters has transgressively been pushed further and further along for years, so whether or not censorship (real or imagined, and more likely the latter in Vincke's case, especially as a European developers) is an issue isn't relevant: that ship has already sailed, long, long ago.

Your standard busty game babe is yawn-worthy, as vanilla as exploding red barrels, what's unusual are characters like April Ryan or Zoe Castillo, and oh wait, that ground was broken years ago.

That said, unless they do a really good job, I thought the female Dwarves from the first Dragon Age were damned attractive, so that'll be the bar I'll compare them too, ridiculous cleavage shots or no.

"it’s probably inevitable that flak is going to head our way…[and later] Anyway, flak heading this way, I’m sure,"

This reminds me of the guys who dig bunkers in the middle of nowhere and swear up and down THE END IS COMING and everyone's going to come gunning for them. Maybe he should put a pot over his head and start preparing for the inevitable oppression of his freedom of expression

oh, and disappointed by the lack of actual Dwarven Boobies visuals, here are some lovely examples, enjoy :

Example A | Example B | Example C
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