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March 1st, 2013, 04:07
From OXM

- The world has 36 final states three possible epilogues (each one hour long)
- You can import your save game to determine which characters appear and how they act towards Geralt, but the backstory won't be affected.
- You can buy horses or tame a wild ones by using Axii, one of The Witcher's spells.
- Geralt can now jump and climb things.
- You can hunt wild animals for their fur, claws and so forth by tracking down colour-coded traces in the world itself.
- The main storyline is 50 hours long.
- Towns are more reactive - citizens will summon the guards if they catch you thieving, and will observe daily routines.
- There's a new combat mechanic that's comparable to VATS in Fallout 3, letting you target different parts of your quarry in slow motion.
- There are no more QTEs. Hurrah!
- Geralt can level up to 60.
- The console versions have their own, bespoke UIs.
- You gain experience points only by completing quests, but hunting will earn you money and crafting materials.
- There are two new minigames: axe-throwing and cards.
- The economy is affected by your actions. Trade away loads of one type of good in a particular area, and prices will fall.
- There's a day-night cycle, as before, plus a new weather system that partly determines which areas can be accessed and where/when monsters appear.
- You can set things on fire using the Ignii spell, now a jet of flame rather than a single blast, and toy with the environment in other, unspecified ways.
- You can ride around in boats.
- Geralt will get to explore the world's capital Novigrad, the Skellige Islands, and "the war-ravaged wasteland".
Geralt can jump….and climb…. *swoons*

Some new screenshots as well.
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