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March 1st, 2013, 06:47
90+ for a box is overdoing it too. If it was closer to the price of a retail box copy (like wasteland 2) I'd happily go for it.

Well, I'm not sold on this idea to begin with. I really would prefer Wasteland 2 be finished before pledging to InXile again. I realize it's just a cash grab… nah let me be more specific, I realize everybody who was doing concept and pre-production for Wasteland 2 probably has nothing to do while the W2 is production stages, and Brian has to pay these guys to be doing something, (and have money to pay them with). Still I've already given InExile money for lofty promises. I'd prefer they put something out before I give them more. The combat video is promising, but not substantial enough to justify the donating yet. In addition to that it sounds like the designer is shooting for an Infinity Engine style game which Project Eternity has covered. And he's leaning towards real time combat with pause (I know it's a matter of preference, but my preference leans towards turn-based.)

Oh well, I'll play it by ear when the campaign comes out, but as much as I like the idea of the setting, what I've seen in the press so far isn't reassuring. Granted I wasn't too sure about Wasteland 2, till they started saying the right things, and hiring back guys who made the first game.

I'll give Fargo this. The guy can market. My personal favorite is him talking in video interviews about how he thinks turn based combat is best for RPGs, but when asked about the combat for Torment he goes "Oh I'll let Colin answer that one". That way he can still save face with those who prefer turn based combat, and use Colin to appeal to guys who want real time combat with pause, and a more Infinity Engine type experience.
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