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March 1st, 2013, 06:54
Originally Posted by Myrkrel View Post
Looks pretty interesting and congrats on the release. Are there any plans for an Android version? I don't have an iOS device to play this on - but it looks like something I'd want to try.

I'm curious how the slot-machine combat mechanic works. Is that a random element that takes the place of dice rolls we traditionally see in RPGs?
Yes pretty much: Think of the reels as dice basically - you keep the ones you like (and fits your current goal in the fight) and reroll those you don't. And maybe you'll actually see a dice mode to the game one day… not so far…

I'll do my very best to bring this to Android if the game has a good reception (I'm confident it will) - wether I'll do it personally or partner up with someone remains to be seen. Unfortunately I coded the game in a native way platform wise which means a rewrite but the logic, random map generator and assets are done so it's not so bad really. Still even at best case Android will not be until at least a good 2-3 months following release - nothing against the platform, just a bad call from me when I started the project.

There have been a couple of other slot machine based RPGs, it can actually work reasonably well if you don't mind the strangeness of it. Usually they do just take the place of die rolls.

I'm a big fan of roguelikes, and especially roguelikes that have some form of legacy or unlock system, so I'll probably check this one out.
Fun fact: I didn't even bothered to check for other slots rpgs when I decided to go that road with the game as I was somewhat convinced I was the first to think about it! The good thing is that they didn't "contaminated" my design.

Main difference with King Cashing and Towers of Fortune is that it's not pure random: There's cooldowns to manage (there's a few shown in the trailer) and you get to choose symbols with a respin phase. It has a good pace to it, not too head scratching but still must be careful to not fall into auto-pilot mode.

Also King Cashing has a stop reel mechanic to it involving eye dexterity which can be attractive to some. I don't, all the reels stop within 0.5 seconds of the round starting.

As far as legacy goes: It's a fairly robust system that I'm pretty proud of. Originally my design had merciless perma-death mode and a casual "respawn at last shop with 15% less gold" mode but I ended up merging them both that way.

There's also an achievement for running a "marathon" if you choose to decline the higher starting level and go from 1 to 21 and finish the game in one go. I never succeeded myself but should be doable with a good previous legacy and lots of runes unlocked.
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