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March 1st, 2013, 08:09
There is a far better slots RPG then tower of fortune though, which might be worth checking out if your curious to see what others have done with the genre. It's called Battle slots, although I believe it's only available for the PC. It's not perfect, but it's really fun for awhile, an in a whole different league from tower of fortune, at the very least. They probably really should make an IOS version.
Hey thanks for the tip - crazy the number of games available nowadays with the indie scene and all. A quick glance at the screenshot makes me glad I don't have to compete against them on iOS!

My first design involved collecting cards "Shandalar style" (Microprose's Magic the Gathering version in the 1990s - yeah I'm in my late 30s) to be used in combat but that proved to be a bit heavy to play. After trying to tweak it several ways I gave up and went a more simpler, but still fun, road and had much more positive feedback from players.

I might give it a shot again and try to do it right the next time around if I keep going in that kind of game for my next one. But then I have other ideas… so much ideas, so little time…
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