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March 1st, 2013, 10:49
Originally Posted by jwmeep View Post
I'll give Fargo this. The guy can market. My personal favorite is him talking in video interviews about how he thinks turn based combat is best for RPGs, but when asked about the combat for Torment he goes "Oh I'll let Colin answer that one". That way he can still save face with those who prefer turn based combat, and use Colin to appeal to guys who want real time combat with pause, and a more Infinity Engine type experience.
I enjoy both play styles, but the devil is in the detail. And if they were being cynical, they could have just changed the W2 rangers to dark elves or whatever and glossed over the artwork and story a bit. So the fact that they are planning a somewhat different type of game with TTON is encouraging from that angle.

Plus we need another decent game on KS. Most of the other stuff up now is dross. Need to stem the tide of cutesy adventure and action "RPG"s.
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