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March 1st, 2013, 17:17
Originally Posted by Roq View Post
IMOP the $25 tier for licence is pitched at the right level: Most people (I reckon) pledge because they want to support and follow the development of the types of game they want to play. Certainly I do. And the only valuable thing a developer has to give away is a future licence for the game (the rest is fluff), so it makes sense to pitch the licence at a level people are prepared to pay. Likely they'll make more on the $10 difference than they will lose from those not prepared to pay the extra. The result of them getting more cash could be, all other things being equal, a better game, in the long run.

Another thing to consider is that if we are going to have game designers make niche games that don't necessarily have mass market appeal, they have to have some combination of a lower budget and a higher price to be viable.
$10 is certainly trivial, but I already have a massive backlog of games (plus 7 Kickstarter games that I have yet to see released), so I don't feel particularly obligated to back this one. Like one of the other posters said, I would prefer Wasteland 2 to be released prior to this new Kickstarter. To be honest, Steam has really changed the way I think about game pricing. For $25, I can buy 3 or more good games during one of their big sales.
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