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March 1st, 2013, 19:58

We’re are planning to have a Collector’s Edition physical version. We may have another big box version, but are not planning to have a tier for it. If we have one, it would be available either as an add-on or through a separate online store after the project is funded.

A primary reason for this decision is that for Wasteland 2, we found the cost to the funds for the entry level box to be detrimental to funding the development. That is, the funds raised shown on Kickstarter is deceptive relative to the fund we have for the game. But if we instead provide the box through an online store after the game is funded, then we can be assured we have enough development resources, but can still make the box available to backers.
Not liking this. Not liking this at all. I understand it's probably a cost issue, but implying that you can only get a boxed after the game is funded doesn't seem to encourage backing. If someone wants a boxed copy, why should they back the project? It would seem to be in their interest not to become a backer. Pay $25 bucks for a promise of a digital copy, and then pay even more, through a separate system just to get a box? What if they want to back the kickstarter, and get a box, but don't want the $95 rewards? Aren't you guaranteeing someone won't pledge for the kickstarter since it's in their best interest to wait until after the kickstarter is funded? Doesn't that take away money that could be used for funding?
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