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March 2nd, 2013, 08:07
first, Brave turned into a decent little twin-stick action rpg. Now, I'm flying around as a Guardian Owl in Legend of the Guardians, loving every minute of the freedom of flight.

If this keeps up, I'll have to stop avoiding movie games altogether

OMFG - Legend of the Guardians totally opened up even more: The combat system rocks! Basically, youre attacking other birds mid-flight by slamming into them. There's certain moves you unlock as time goes on, like clutching another bird and diving then slamming them to the ground.

Also, get this, it has more RPG elements than i previously thought. When you start the game, you choose between several different types of Owls: Horned Owl (slower but deadlier), Barn Owl (faster but weaker), and other types of owls that run the gambit between combinations of deadly/hardy/speed. You get the point.

Then, I got my first bit of loot! I can now kit my Owl out with different armors, and metallic talons that increase damage.

This is the type of game that keeps me from being a PC Supremecist. Consoles are not Evil. Consoles are not just for kiddie Mario games, racing games, and sports games. I like PC games all the same, but there's a whole 'nuther world out there when it comes to console gaming that is just as fun. This game, Journey, Okami… unbelievably fun and creative games that have enriched my cyber life multiple times over.
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