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March 2nd, 2013, 15:17
Originally Posted by lilmagi View Post
No they don't. They have DLC (small and a bit bigger). That is different than microtransaction we are talking about (altough, MP of ME3 does have some MT)
What ME3 and DA2 have are called microtransactions in all the F2P games I played. Cosmetic items are the first things F2P games try to monetize. Small content additions are also considered microtransactions in F2P games. The only difference is that being single player games that content isn't downloaded on all installations (minus day 0 DLCs).

So when I compare F2P microtransaction with the ME/DA DLCs, I only see microtransactions.

Originally Posted by lilmagi View Post
You are missing the point. Yes, facebook and iOS is filled with games such as Real Racing 3. But, EA said they want to add microtransactions to ALL the games. Don't you think that they could cripple the gameplay of a $60 game, if they based that business model on RR3 and Simpsons tapped out?
I'm not missing the point. Real Racing is a F2P facebook/mobile game, what it does with MT is the norm on those platforms. It's wrong to believe that when EA says "we are putting microtransactions in all your games", they mean they are putting facebook/mobile type of microtransaction + the box cost in all their games. That's not what they said and that is not what they have been doing for the last 5 years.

People should read what the exec actually said and not just the sensational headline. What the exec said is that their analyst predicts that in 10 years "all" games are going to be F2P with microtransactions. They believe that "normal games" ($60 box ones) are not going to be made as much anymore. EA have been going toward online digital gamings and mobiles for quite some time now, this is just reaffirming their new business orientation.

I'm way more scared that the Dragon Age franchise get turned into F2P online/mobile games than of them getting crippled with a $60 box tag price + MT.
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