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March 2nd, 2013, 18:27
Why yes I have. My uncle is partially-blind and uses it to read books. I will not claim that its perfect my any means and the default voices in Windows suck worse than any other ones I've heard. Those are very robotic. There are thirdparty versions that are much more pallet-able but they always have difficulty with inflection.

Personally I found that some of the British accented one to be much better quality to my american ear. Its been about 4 years since I've done anything serious with this stuff so I assume its gotten better. If you want in game immersion to highlight that translators are used then no better way than to do it.

I would also very much not force it down the throats of the users but for that poor translator version it would work. I'd rather they just use text if its an issue. Its not like they have a $30MM budget and can hire full voice acting in every language they support.

If it was used like the Infinity Engine games where they read the first sentence of a paragraph that would work for me. I also know I'm in the minority on this but thats fine.
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