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March 2nd, 2013, 17:57
1. If the game was made for an average gamer I won't buy it. I'm not an average gamer. And I don't care for 20 hours average gamers waste, if that was true that average WoW players are not average.

2. Again piracy… No matter what they did against piracy, sales of Ubisoft's AC3 and FC3 proved that the game will sell if it's good. Why the hell would someone pirate something that's worth buying? On the other hand, I really don't care how many copies of crap games were pirated. If they were worth playing, they would have been bought.

3. Connected to point 2. If a game is awsome, ask more and I'll pay. If the game is crap, for example iOS smartphone junk, how dare you to ask a single dollar for that sh*t? DLC scandal cannot be connected to this, DLC is simple milking the money scheme.

And for always online DRM… It's very annoying, I have a few Ubisoft's games and can't say anything positive about it. Sorry. It could have been made as online required when installed, first time run or something, but the always online requirement is utterly stupid. In fact why Ubisoft has to know how many hours and when I'm playing their game? It's a case of deliberate spying on me!
On the other hand, things could be worse. DRM is evolving in the wrong direction for years already and soon we'll probably have to use a drop of blood so some online database can check our DNA to allow us to play a singleplayer game.

P.S. I'm aware the thread is about EA, but it seems to me they just want to be worse than Ubisoft.
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