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March 3rd, 2013, 04:25
Is the thing in the middle a crashed satellite or something? Was expecting a moon-gate but that looks like it has a dish on it.

Originally Posted by rjshae View Post
Social MP… otherwise known as PnP.
No as in MP linked to social networks - that's what he's been really interested in the last couple years. So think Farmville more than PnP role-playing.

Also there's a chance it might be something along the lines of Ultima Online 2, which he has mentioned possibly doing in the past and discussing with EA. Unfortunately he's also said in the past that he's not really interested in single player games anymore and has pretty much felt that way since before ultima 9 finished.

Originally Posted by Caddy View Post
Everytime I play Skyrim, I think back to Ultima 7 and think if Mr. Garriot had kept building on those ideas, it would have blown The Elder Scrolls series out of the water.
Except he didn't want to keep doing single player RPGs - his interest has been MMOs and social games. So even if he kept making Ultima games and building on what he had with ultima 7 back in the day, it might not have been in any direction approaching something that would compete with a massive single player RPG directly.
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