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March 3rd, 2013, 09:05
Blizzard developer Travis Day responds on the Diablo III forums with a lengthy post as they thrash about looking for solutions to various problems:
The ďproblemĒ with trifecta items canít be discussed without also pointing out that it is only a problem because the AH makes obtaining these items so easy. On a basic level, I have no problem with items existing that players highly desire, but when it is a forgone conclusion that you will have those items then we have problems. If the auction house never existed, players wouldnít be upset that trifecta exists, they would be upset that they havenít been lucky enough to find their own trifecta items. To summarize, I think the right solution to this problem isnít cutting trifecta items from the game, but rather itís about getting to a point where you want more things than you can fit on an item.
I think your affix ideas are cool, and we have spent a lot of time lately talking about what kind of awesome effects we could put on items that we donít currently have. Iíd even say that as cool as some of these ideas are, we can go even further. We are putting a lot of effort into coming up with really awesome item ideas for future content. Iíll give one quick example of my personal favorite so far before moving on and also to give context to the direction we are moving in. Imagine a pair of Legendary boots that read ďMakes you ethereal, allowing you to freely move through enemiesĒ. Whether or not that idea makes the final cut is hard to say, but we want to really push the boundaries as much as we can, so legendary items become things that players can get really excited about.
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