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March 3rd, 2013, 10:19
I read what they're saying about character customization, and they're stubbornly refusing to understand that it's necessary.

They think they can rule out the fun or value of it, because times have changed or because people can just read up on strategies around the net.

I guess they haven't played Path of Exile. Good luck coming up with perfect builds that will exclude all others in that game.

It's about giving players enough options so as to make the "perfect" cookie cutter build forever elusive. At least, it will take years of experimentation for thousands of players to even approach that "ultimate" build with enough complexity and with enough options.

They really think D3 is a better solution? Where people run around with a tiny handful of builds that vary slightly as they alter balance a little bit every few patches? They really think it's better that people don't feel like replaying the game with the same character ever?

What a strange position, but whatever.

Their items are boring as well - and they don't understand how to make them alter your playstyle. Items need to be like little characters all by themselves. That's how the genre has evolved, looking at Hellgate and Borderlands - and yet they're going backwards, DEVOLVING item design from Diablo 2.

Wake up, Bliz - or you'll never recover from this in terms of being masters of the genre.




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