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March 3rd, 2013, 10:34
Fiddling around? No, they need to change itemization at the core - and that would require a fundamental design overhaul.

They'd also need to change the skill system so as to make customization interesting and diverse.

Smart way would be to do it for the expansion - so players would have new content along with the improved game.

I think the genre can easily evolve and stay interesting.

Again, Path of Exile is a great example of how to handle character development. They just don't have the production values of Blizzard - and unfortunately, they haven't so much evolved the genre as they've improved certain established design approaches.

To take it further - developers need to think big and they need to expand upon all the vital features and take them beyond where they are now.

Hellgate did that in many ways, but unfortunately they messed up the launch big-time and never recovered from that PR disaster. Could have been the next step.




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