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March 3rd, 2013, 13:21
I never quite got all the complaints about QTEs in W2 either. Like others have mentioned before, there were so few of them that I barely noticed. Besides, after a fashion, QTEs are the reminiscence of the combat system in W1, which pretty much was one huge QTE fest; clicking on rhythm, c'mon…

By doing a few QTEs you are clicking some, while playing other parts of the game, you are clicking some more, what's the difference? Quitting W2 because of QTEs at the Chapter1 boss is kicking yourself in a the nuts, you are missing out on one hellova game imho. The Kraken does represent a huge difficulty spike, I agree, but I do not think it has much to do with them QTEs. I had to switch down to Medium there as well, no shame about it.

Same goes for Risen 2 traps really, I never minded them, and there are about 4 tribal traps and 5 dungeon traps altogether, yeez.
And both of these are games where you can save every bloody second if so you desire. It's not like Dark Souls where you can scew up much worse without precious saves. I think this whole thing is waaaaaay blown out of proportion.

That said, 50 hours does not sound much, which may or may not be a problem, and could be totally just someone's estimate at this point. Devs may not be sure about the playtime yet, so I wouldn't give much credit to it now.
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