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March 3rd, 2013, 13:37
Originally Posted by Roq View Post
Maybe (I didn't play Hellgate), but that sentence is a bit short on specifics . Blizzard took about a decade to make D3 and Arenanet more than half a decade to make GW2. But, neither of them managed to solve the problem of squaring the circle - or rather of making a straight line vertical gear progression result in renewable gameplay. In Arenanet's case, eager to encroach on Blizzard's markets, they wantonly threw away all they'd learned in GW1 about horizontal progression.
Why would I care to expand upon that sentence, though? It's not like Blizzard would act upon it.

I'm pretty sure I could come up with an action RPG that would evolve the genre, but it's not like anyone is going to listen and actually create it.

However, if you will take it upon yourself to realise my ambition - I will gladly go into as many details as you'd want

As for GW2 - that's a completely different beast. If you want an MMO to last these days, you have to give power to the players. Allow players to create a dynamic playfield and let them create their own content.

At the very least, you want to give players a REASON to stay in the game. That doesn't mean expecting them to repeat content over and over and over.

ArcheAge looks to be doing that in a smart way, because they retain the themepark elements that will ease people into the experience - but the game opens up as you progress.

GW2 decided to hand everything interesting to players within the first 30 levels - and apparently they thought it was brilliant to reward players with cosmetic upgrades rather than power. They removed the added tactical layer of the trinity and replaced it with nothing. They made PvP all but meaningless - taking away the player identity in WvWvW, which is just another instanced battleground that resets every two weeks. The only thing that matters is your commander and the amount of players in the zerg. As a normal player - no one will notice you. Naturally, it's dreamy PvP for players who suck at PvP - because they can still make a difference. But as a competitive player - it's pretty worthless.

I don't know that they were thinking - but I guess if you're a casual player you might be entertained for a while.

That said, I do admire certain things about the game. It looks pretty good - and the city designs are fantastic. It does have some great exploration elements - and I love the underwater environments. In fact, the game COULD have been great with some serious design changes.




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